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New Orleans created Kajun King Hand Packed in the U.S.A.
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Here at Kajun King our exclusive seasonings are hand packed in the U.S.A.

The tantalizing taste and the flavor is Kajun King, the praise is all yours.

We use Organic, Natural ingredients, sustainable products, spices, and herbs, to make it good.

Whenever possible, we buy organic, help support local farmers, small shops, and businesses.
At Kajun King want your good food to taste genuinely great, not just taste hot.
The natural ingredients used, are close to organic without being certified.
We have visited the areas, of many of the main products we use.
A small sampling some of the items we use:
AZ :Herbs, Spices - CA:Garlic, Peppers - GA:Onions - FL:Lemons, Sugar - MI:Corn, Salt
NM:Chili's, Peppers - OH:Chives, Dill, Herbs - TX:Onions, Vegetables - LA:Rice, Peppers, Herbs
FDA and or Department of Agriculture, certified, products or facilities are used.
We produce our products throughout the country, using local products, and facilities as much as possible.
This then has less impact on the environment and keeps our shipping/receiving costs down.
We distribute our products here online, through some local markets, venues, and specialty outlets

We use Sea Salt where it helps the flavor, and keep salt to minimal amounts, of the intended final use.
We also carry no salt or no sugar, and gluten free products.
Our products, unless stated, contain No MSG, No preservatives, No artificial products.

Here at Kajun King we believe in flavor, not just heat.
Mild To Wild We Have The Taste, You've Been Missing.
This is the place for food flavor,
cooking with flavor, spiced right, a little goes a long way.
We hand select our items, and use a pinch of this, a dash of that, more like grandma did.
So Save Money, ingredients if purchased separately would cost more than our combined seasonings.
Use Kajun King, for all your seasoning needs.

We are trying to concentrate on our own main products. We have eliminated some of our fringe products.
Some of the friends and neighbors can no longer produce products in quantities needed.
Sorry for any inconvenience. Kajun King products division

If you are searching for any of the following topics:

Look no further. You'll find it at Kajun King.
Kajun King Products make great gifts for any occasion.
Be sure to try some recipes.

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